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From Patric Chan:

Hi Friend,

This is going to be a very “unusual” type of page that you’re going to read. It’s not going to start with “stories” or trying to explain to you why you need your personal freedom.

I really don’t need to convince you why you need a breakthrough now.

Despite what you may have heard… you’re wasting too much time on internet marketing if you’re not doing it the way it should be done.

On this page, I’ll explain to you the real secret that all internet marketing gurus are using to make their money online, including how they are becoming internet millionaires.

Ironically, it’s the exact same way that they get you to buy their product.

After all, there’s only ONE STRATEGY to achieve permanent success with internet marketing.

And if the gurus tell you differently than this, I can guarantee you they’re not telling you the truth.

I mean, do you realize all of the Internet Marketing Gurus make money by using the SAME STRATEGY, regardless of what product they decide to sell?

All of them have a “list” and make money online using email marketing.

Technically, it starts by sending out emails.

However, by telling you this “secret” in a simple sentence doesn’t do it any justice at all; because it fails to express how valuable it is. So let me give you these remarks….

  • 1. Take a look at the Guru you admire the most. Now, think carefully – why is he so “successful” in the internet marketing world? If you dig a little deeper, you’ll soon realize it’s because he has a list of subscribers who personally RESPOND to him. Sorry to disappoint you, but he’s not really that magical, awe-inspiring or full of amazing strategies. The core is the LIST.
  • 2. Facebook’s most valuable asset is probably its database. Isn’t a database a form of mailing list?
  • 3. As ironic as it sounds, I’m marketing the 4-Week Freedom Formula Coaching Program by promoting offers to my list. And if you have heard this page from someone, that someone’s my Joint Venture partner or perhaps my affiliate – someone who also has a list.

You see, whether you’re doing affiliate marketing or selling your own product, internet marketing boils down to something very simple: LIST MARKETING.

To further reinforce this fact…

Have you ever seen a super affiliate who doesn’t have a list?

I doubt it. It’s his list which makes him a SUPER AFFILIATE who can command 5-figure affiliate commission when he sends out offers to his list. 

With a list, he can dictate traffic on demand to promote any single affiliate program he likes. That’s the lifestyle you ideally want to have…

Have you ever seen an internet marketing guru who doesn’t have a list?

That will never happen. Here’s a clue – he became an internet marketing guru because he has a list to promote his products and his partner’s products to.

For all these reasons, are you getting the essence of it so far?

Here’s more…

Take, for example, a video marketing guru who sells video marketing courses…

Guess how he sells his course (and thousands of copies of it). I’m not surprised at all, it ain’t through video marketing. It’s from his own list and promotion through his joint venture or affiliates’ lists.

Let me point out another thing to you –

The reason why you haven’t made money online or are somehow not making the amount of money you should be is because of these reasons…

  1. You do not have a list or…
  2. The size of your list is too small or…
  3. You do not have a solid and proven system to continue building your list or…
  4. Your list is not responsive to your emails or…
  5. You do not know how to make money with it or…

So don’t waste your time by buying the latest software on how you can get highly ranked in Youtube.com.

If you want to become an internet guru, quit your job or simply to make some consistent part time income each month, there’s only one strategy you need to master effectively – and that’s list marketing.

As a result of what I am telling you right now, you begin to feel that it’s possible to start an internet business with internet marketing now.

The reality is when you have a list, you have a “golden goose” that you can do whatever you want with.

By the way, this strategy works in almost any niche market, whether it’s a list of people who are interested about fitness, or a list dedicated to internet marketing.

List Building + Email Marketing = List Marketing

Pretty simple formula, right?


If this is true, everyone as well as their dogs would become super affiliates and internet marketing gurus, am I right?

Because it’s actually very complicated to master.

Of course, unless, you have a blueprint and the strategies for it, it’s genuinely easy as pie.

Let’s look at the complexity of it all –

First, you have got to have a webpage where it’s amazingly crafted, structured and designed to attract website visitors wanting you to give you their email addresses. Then there must be some kind of strategy in place to pull traffic to it all day long.

And if you’ve somehow cracked that code, well, what’s next?

Do not be misunderstood that having a list equals to an auto-pilot internet business. It’s only a business when you’ve reached the final level of mastery of knowing exactly how to convert your list into BUYERS and genuine action takers.


The 4-Week Freedom Formula Coaching Program

If you want to truly master internet marketing, this is the premier program that I recommend to you – the most comprehensive internet marketing program ever developed, period.

This is the program that reveals the core secret necessary to all internet marketing’s wealth and success.

Unlocking this will literally open up the vault to internet wealth and put you up there, right at the highest food chain of internet marketing – among the super affiliates and gurus.

Even if you’re an experienced marketer, you’ll gain TREMENDOUS value by being part of The Freedom Formula Coaching Program.

Very simple – if you’re a newbie, you’ll be able to get started quickly, and start making money from the internet.

If you’re already an experienced marketer, you’ll be able to increase your revenue – whether it’s by 20%, 100% or even 5 times more, it’s up to you on how you’re going to apply my cutting edge strategies.

My strategies have not just been proven for myself, but also for my students and clients.

Freedom Formula Program is about teaching you how to build a quality list, getting it to be responsive and the strategies of list monetization.

It’s the CORE of internet marketing.

But make no mistake, this is NOT a list-building or email marketing course – it’s a program that exists to teach you how to build an internet business with just a list.

There are plenty of “list building” courses and email marketing books out there; you can buy those for less than $20 in other places. Most of them are usually theory-based stuff and rehashed content from somewhere else – nothing new.

Freedom Formula Program is a comprehensive 4 weeks coaching program based on the very same strategy that helped me to become an internet millionaire.

With a mailing list, it’s like owning an “ATM machine” – even if you do not have any products of your own to promote with it!

Real life case study – I can put an extra US $2,500 into my pocket without even selling any product simply because I have a list.

Here’s how I did it…

I joined a “close door” affiliate program where they’re paying out an astonishing $5 for a lead. You can see the screenshot from the above. I’ve generated more than 500 leads. That brings me more than $2,500 cold hard cash without even selling any product! And something else too… I wasn’t even working at all. It’s almost a copy-and-paste business.

That was a few years back. Can’t imagine how massive my list is now.

And I continue to make this kind of money… getting paid for leads.

The fact is…

This opportunity comes to me because I have a genuine list of real subscribers, so I’m “invited” to participate in the affiliate program alongside others. Let me say this again – you’ll able to make money even without a product when you have an active list.

Want to know something else?

The reason why they’re willing to pay as much as $5 for an email lead is because they want to build a solid list too!

And they are confident that they’ll make MORE money from the commissions that they’re so often paying out.

Like I said, I’m not the only Guru who has figured this out – all top class Gurus know this secret. It’s like a secret we have and contain in our “inner circle” – everyone knows about it.

But the problem is, knowing means NOTHING if you can’t do it and apply it. This is why you need to be trained in Freedom Formula.

And what if you have your own product to sell?

Well… you’ll have your own potential buyers waiting to buy it too.


I use Paypal to collect payments for my own product sales

Let’s take a closer look:

For internet marketing, having a mailing list is the MOST POWERFUL strategy that you could ever have.

It’s just that, unfortunately, newbies do not know (or do not realize it) and continue to “waste time” with blogging, Facebook, video ranking, SEO, etc. to make some small amounts of money online.

And you can’t blame them because the Gurus and super affiliates are using the LIST MARKETING strategies to sell products hypnotically to them.

The right way is to use those promotional methods to BUILD A LIST.

The point is, if you have a responsive list, you would also have a profitable internet business.

You could really be making money at “any time you want”…

Take your time and enjoy this lasting experience, as I think you will like it a lot.

Here’s the secret to becoming a profitable internet marketer – you just need to master the skills of list-building and email marketing.

I know, you may think you do not need to use Freedom Formula because you “know” about this strategy.

Again, “knowing” has nothing to do with achieving success. Someone who knows how to play golf doesn’t means he’s going to be Tiger Woods. Again, that’s why most newbies FAILED in internet marketing and intermediate marketers never achieve any breakthrough – they thought they know everything and looking for the next magic pill.

I mean, like we’ve discussed earlier, you could easily “build” your list and send your own emails, right?

Well… quite frankly, if this is true, *EVERYONE* would be making a lot of money online, isn’t that right?

Sorry to disappoint you, but it doesn’t really work that way at all. Really.

The truth is, there are a lot of different strategies and tools behind this powerful system.

… And only a small circle of internet marketers know how to do this successfully. I am one of them.

It took me years to master, but obviously, you don’t need to go through that long period of time when I’m coaching you – you skip the trial and error stage.

Now, this webpage is not about me, it’s about you and your future freedom. So I’m not going to brag about my lasting credibility here and my long list of testimonials.

Let’s talk more about you…

Imagine if you knew my secrets and used my strategies to start building your list, starting from right NOW – can you see how amazing it would be for you to make money within hours, at will?

Here are the components included in the Freedom Formula Coaching Program:

Component #1: The Freedom Formula Digital Workshop

You see, The Freedom Formula training is actually based on my live 2 days workshop where attendees paid about $1,000 to attend. But because you were not able to attend due to timing and demographically constraints, I’ve re-constructed the entire program to be available digitally and I have also recorded everything from the beginning for you.

It’s broken into 3 core modules, and separated into 4 weeks of training:

Module #1: The Structure

In this module, we’ll cover the A-Z of your internet business setup – THE BUSINESS. From getting the right domain name, to creating your webpage that can build a list for you. Most people fail to make any money online because they don’t even know how to get this most-important part right.

Just so you know, Freedom Formula’s strategies work in almost any niche market – whether it’s internet marketing, self-improvement, health, pets, relationship advice, real estate, Forex trading, hobby, fitness and so on. We’re going to cover more on this topic in Module #1 too.

Module #2: The Perpetual Subscribers Model

Once you’re up and running, you’ll need to have a system where you’ll gain an unlimited source of traffic to build your list. It’s all about placing a system that works on its own so that it can continue to generate new subscribers for you – even without you actively working on it or even monitoring it. And I’ll teach you the secret of how you can make money “right away” from your traffic.

This is the MARKETING SYSTEM that I’ve created to ensure my list continues to grow every day, completely on auto-pilot.

Module #3: Generating Income From Your List

In this final module, I’ll share with you how to create a passive income and also, “money on demand” with your list. Imagine having a “business system” of your own – well, there’s a formula to make this idea a reality.

You’ll learn all kinds of email marketing secrets and strategies to make money online – from pitching an offer to building trust with your list. Real ninja stuff.

At the same time, within these 3 very powerful modules, I’ll also be sharing with you:

  • My strategy on how to build your list for “free” and completely automate it
  • A walkthrough case study shows how I’ve made $100,000 through email marketing – just by emailing my own subscribers
  • How you can make money from your list even if you do not have your own product, besides promoting affiliate programs. This is a strategy that I’ve been using for years now but it’s just under the radar for most people
  • The Facebook strategy required to build your list at rapid speed
  • And I got lots of other “tricks” you’ll want to know…

Component #2: List Building Tools and Software

All of these components will be given to you when your coaching first begins. Basically, these are some of the “stealth” tools and software that is required to build your list quicker and easier, including the list-building webpage creator software. Again, to keep the strategies private to clients only, I’ll share it all with you inside the coaching program.

Component #3: The Facebook “Do It For You” Packages

In component #1, I’ll teach you “how to fish”, including teaching you how to use Facebook to begin building your list. But to make sure you can get started as soon as possible and in the most “flawless” way, I’ll also be “giving you the fish”.

There are 2 types of Facebook list-building mechanisms that I’ll be teaching to you in the training and my team will set up both of these applications for you!

Type One: Tab Optin Page


Type Two: Wall Post Optin Box


By the way, the above description and graphics may make no sense to you at this early stage. But you’ll understand just how powerful they are when you first start your training.

Component #4: Continuous Support & Coaching

The coaching program is a “platform” for me to impart my many years of knowledge and experience to you. The Tools and Software and the “Do It for You” Package are both there to accelerate your success. And finally, Component #4 is to continue helping you to achieve a great amount of success with your internet marketing business.

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, this is the most comprehensive internet marketing program – I’ll coach you from A to Z, I’ll provide all of the tools and software that you’ll need, I’ll setup your list building mechanism with Facebook, and even after that, I will continue to support you.

All you need to do is to take immediate action.

The only caveat is, if you’re not a person that has the right attitude to succeed and are not ready to take action for your personal freedom, do not sign up because it won’t work for you.

There’s still some work you’ll need to do because this is not a quick rich scam, and I won’t tell you that it is. This is about building a long-term profitable internet business for you and your family to enjoy and reap the rewards from. 

But when you’ve mastered the system, you could be making a serious amount of money WITHIN HOURS.

“But Unfortunately, Not Everyone Can See The Opportunity…”

This webpage may fail to sell The Freedom Formula Coaching Program.

It’s probably because it’s not written the same as your typical salesletter where it’s supposed to be very persuasive and hyped up.

No, it’s written truthfully to reveal the secret of the internet marketing gurus and how you can join the coaching program – today.

The fact is, most people are signing up because they “know” me. What I mean is, if you “do not know me” and this is the first time you’re reading this webpage, it’s possible that you’re not excited about being in this program yet. And I’ll understand that with no issue. Because my program is not cheap like others and truthfully, I’m not “working hard” enough trying to convince you to join now.

I’ve spoken in 12 countries as a real authority of internet marketing. That includes United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia and China.

I’ve co-authored the book, Clicking Cash, with New York Times best-selling author of One Minute Millionaire, Multiple Streams of Income, Cash In A Flash and many more, the famous Robert G. Allen.

My testimonials include many of today’s world-class internet marketers and a plethora of internet millionaires.

My internet marketing products are promoted by affiliates and marketers from all around the world.

Now, I don’t like to brag about numbers because numbers are subjective to different people. But I’m sharing this image merely as proof that I know how to make internet marketing strategies work for me…


And this is just one of the many sources of various internet income streams that I have.

In a nutshell, I know my stuff and I’ve helped thousands of other people just like your good self to make money from thin air by using the internet and applying my techniques.

But regardless of whether you’re on board or not, one thing that is very certain is this – there will be a group of students who will follow my strategies and they will make money online after completing my coaching program.

… Some of them will continue and create their personal freedom as a result.

If you’re one of them students, that would be fantastic – I can’t wait to start coaching you. If not, I hope you’ll still get somewhere from reading those $20 book or courses provided by other so-called marketers.

The investment to be in the Freedom Formula Coaching Program is only a one-time $997 investment. That’s the exact same amount as the live 2-day workshop I ran.

But I think that’s not “fair”, because you don’t get to attend a live immersion class.

So instead of $997, I’ll make it available for you at half of the price – it’s only an affordable $397 to secure your financial future.

Limited Bonus:

As a founding student of the Freedom Formula Program, you will be upgraded to receive LIFETIME UPDATES. This way, your one-time investment will last a “lifetime” with me. For instance, when I launch Freedom Formula 2.0 in the future, you’ll automatically get it for free. If I add new software bonus inside, you’ll get it for free. You’ll get every update for free if you sign up the coaching program today.

By the way, there are no “one time offers”, upsells, down sells, etc. Your only investment is just the mentioned one-time off $397 to get started, to lock and guarantee your spot in today.

Put your list to work for you… it’s the ultimate way to internet marketing’s wealth – regardless of whether you have a product of your own or not, it’s so simple to get started. If you wish, with your list, you can become a super affiliate or an internet marketing guru too.

60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

I personally guarantee that if you make an honest effort to learn, follow the instructions and completed The 4-Week Freedom Formula Coaching Program, you can be making money from the internet very shortly.

But if you’re not 100% satisfied with it, just let me know within the 60 days and I’ll issue you an immediate, no-hassle 100% refund of your whole investment.

I’m taking all of the risks to make sure that you can be wildly successful. This way, you will know that this coaching program is your ticket to be financial freedom. All you have to do is to take action and get into the program.

75% Discount For My Customer!

Others are paying $397 for the Freedom Formula Coaching Program…


I’m going to give you an additional 75% discount today. Why? Because you’ve shown your commitment to achieve success and you’re “serious” by purchasing my previous product – I like to coach those who are determined to achieve success. And also, those who have been my customer.


Shortly, your new found internet marketing skills will be the most powerful asset that you have to shape your personal freedom, which you certainly deserve, as we all do. Click the order button below to start your coaching for only an affordable $997  $397 $97.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 7.33.25 PM

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Once you made the payment, you will get instant access to the coaching area instantly within 5 minutes from now. Lock in your spot now and I’ll see you on the inside.

To your success,


Best-Selling Author, International Speaker & World-Class Marketer

P.S. If you’re anything like me, I think you’ll appreciate the power being in control of your own time, with no one bossing you around or telling you what to do. I don’t know how long I can offer this coaching program. If you want to ensure you get a spot and all of the above bonuses, you need to sign up today.








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